The Mandalorian

I’m plugged into Disney Plus and have been watching The Mandalorian, the latest from the Star Wars Universe.

It’s not that bad, I’ve seen worse. There are interesting bits; like seeing how a Tie-Fighter lands – it’s ‘wings’ fold up!, etc. Overall the show is just a bit of a rip-off of a Japanese Manga series of stories called ‘Lone Wolf and Cub’ created by writer Kazuo Koike and artist Goseki Kojima. Their stories are about a man forced to take revenge for his murdered wife, and ruined reputation, by becomming a roaming assasin. The added twist is that he has his young son with him throughout. So The Mandalorian is a roaming assasin with Baby Yoda travelling with him (and a few spaceships). Mmmmmm.

Worth a watch but hardly going to change the world.

The ‘take-downs’ won’t ever match this sort of stuff.

Fortnite Vs Apple

The Apple ‘1984’ ad was iconic. One of the greatest ads of all time. The little guy taking a pop at the big guy and winning. The spirit of rebellion, smashing the system.

But things change, the world turns. Apple are no longer the little guy, they’ve turned into ‘The Man’. The Microsoft Wars – Gates Vs Jobs – is done. Jobs is dead and the bad guy, Gates, is now the good guy, giving billions away to philanthropic causes. Apple has forgotten who it was, it’s soul has long since departed. In fact, I think it left on the day of the first iPhone launch, the day the big money started rolling in.

Now there’s new kids on the block. Cooler kids. And they own the kids. And they’re not so frivolous any more. They’re moving beyond single person shoot ’em ups. They’re streaming free concerts from Travis Scott and the Weeknd on the platform – huge interactive extravaganzas, and all sorts of future content in the pipeline. Kicks the shit out of Apple Music.

And then they’re doing this. Trolling Apple. Trolling their most iconic ad, lambasting, using humour to hold a mirror up to Apple.

It’s great.

The Last Man on Earth (Amazon Prime).

Following the mis-adventures of Phil (Tandy) Miller, the last man on Earth following a global pandemic (who knew!). This Amazon Prime series first aired in 2105 and ran for four series up until 2018.

Phil soon finds he isn’t the LMOE as a few other survivors manage to group together.

It’s very funny and quite ridiculous in parts but well worth watching. Who knows, maybe, following the COVID outbreak, there will be call for a new series?