Haven’t done a podcast update in a very long time. Here’s a selection of what I’ve been listening to.

Past Gas – Donut Media “It’s about cars, it’s not about farts.”

The automotive history of characters and cars. From the Moon Buggy the the fabled “Ford vs Ferrari” duels and everything in-between. After a few shows you’ll also be across Buff Horses, Wink-Wink Nation why you should never buy a “Do’er upper”. Scripted and read by the three hosts but with plenty of funny and interesting asides.

We have ways of making you talk. – Goalhanger

The offspring of Al Murray (The Pub Landlord) and historian James Holland, a detailed and hugely interesting and informative series on just about every detail of the Second World War. If you have any interest in the subject, or you feel you have a gap in your knowledge, this podcast is a must. Many pre-concieved ideas are righted and voices from all participating sides are heard.

The Blindboy Podcast – Blindboyboatclub

Famously independent – so as to retain editorial control, the eclectic musings of Irish comedian/artist and social commentator/historian (a lot of slashes!). Check out his ‘hot takes’, his views on how Irish culture has effected the world and thought provoking interviews. Clearly well read and researched the podcast is run on the funding model of “Soundness” – and he wears a plastic bag on his head.

Cults – Parcast

Simply because I love a good cult.

Radiolab – WNYC Studios

Featuring a very broad range of subjects, most with some sore of scientific angle. There is a huge range to listen to so my advice would be to select what you want manually rather than just playing back to back.

The Delingpod – James Delingpole

If you’re interested in what’s really going on in the world at the moment, then this is a must. Open minded thinkers only. James interviews a different subject each week, most with a different view to those you hear on mainstream media. Lots on the virus, the vaccine, global warming, global finance and “The Great Reset” – plus the odd whack job too!

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